The forgetting

This is a poem that I wrote earlier in the year.  It seems fitting to close out the year with it and perhaps let go of all that I’ve meant to do but forgotten (including blog posts :))

The forgetting
I forget what I was meant to be doing
I forget who I am, all the aspects and how to talk about them
I forgot about all the emotions that I didn’t allow myself to feel as a child
I forget my innocence

I lose myself in doing the details of living
and forget who I am meant to be
I live in tasks and busyness and business
and forget about serving my soul, and others
in a meaningful way

I forget about meditating
about following my breath
I remember to forget the past
I forget not to plan for the future
I forget to be present

I fail to remember
I am unable to recall

In all the doing, I forget my essence is love

I remember to forget how tired I am
I forget what I’ve already learned
I write to remember what I don’t want to forget

I forget that it’s all in my mind
and that it doesn’t have to be this way
I forget that I can reset at any time

I forget the clarity of truth
I forget not to compare myself to others
and that comparison is the thief of joy

I forget why I am doing what I am doing
I forget to not check my email
I forget to be still and leave the unfinished business for later

I forget that I haven’t planned dinner tonight

I forget to turn off auto-pilot
I forget that there is always something else to do

I forget to choose abundance over scarcity
I forget not to doubt myself
I forget that I’ll just know
I forget to trust myself, and God
I forget my purpose, to be radiant
I forget that it’s not too late
I forget that I have the universe inside me
I forget to show up with intention

I forget to remake my habits
I forgot where I put that paper

I forget that it can be easy
I forgot that I had a choice
and that not choosing is choosing
I forget that everything is consciousness
I forget that I can recover more quickly
I forget that I wanted to do that
I forgot to walk away

I forget that I don’t believe that anymore
I forget to keep it simple
that much is lost in getting mired down in the complexities
I forget that I do know
I forget the experience of wholeness
I forget to breathe, but my body does it anyway
I forgot to pause
I forgot that was just a story I had about myself

I forgot to be curious instead of problem solve
I forgot that I needed to get that from you in writing
I forget that everything is interconnected
I forget that many paths can lead to the same place

I forget what I want to remember
I forget that I don’t need the script that I’ve forgotten anyway
I forget the passivity of forgetting

I forgot that some people do notice presence over words
I forgot how I wanted to show up

I forget that while everything else changes, some things stay the same
I forget that everything means something, and some things mean everything
I forget to do something about it

I forget that I am not my body, my mind
I forget that I already have everything I need
I forget that I am that

I forget that they’re doing the best that they can

I forget to live the questions
I forget that all the answers are within me

I forget to listen to my body
I forget the value of surrender
I forget to go out and stand in the beauty of nature

I forget to move toward my true self
I forget to follow my path and not ask how
I forget what I want
I forget to embrace uncertainty
I forget to be kind to myself like I am to others
I forget to be human
I forget to be grateful for all that I am and all that I haven’t forgotten.