about me


I am a forty-something mother of three daughters who is married to her college sweetheart. I love understanding inspiration. I am full of self-doubt and can talk myself out of anything. I love nature and especially adore trees. I enjoy yoga. I find meaning and joy in connecting ideas and consider myself an idea entrepreneur. I love the idea of finding flow in our lives, that place where we can lose ourselves in the moment through meaningful action or thought. I believe in living intentionally. I am always asking why; the “why’s” are then followed by “how?”; and the how has always been harder than the why for me. I am a reforming academic over-achiever. I am fascinated by poetry, and the poetry of song lyrics. My favorite time of day is dusk. I am a risk-averse introvert, which is ironic since I can now be found in this public forum.

I spent much of my life living in the middle ground somewhere between joy and sorrow, never allowing myself to go to the far ends of this emotional counterbalance. I was afraid that the sorrow might be permanent, and I would be unable to shake it off, and that perhaps I was not deserving of pure joy. I’ve realized that by allowing the full spectrum of emotions to play out in my life, I am a much happier and more fulfilled person. And contrary to my prior beliefs, I’ve learned that emotions are not static and permanent. They flow through us, enriching our lives. For without sorrow, we can’t fully appreciate joy, and without joy, we can’t fully process our sorrow. And neither of these emotions defines who we are.

The greatest meaning in my life has been found in connecting with people on a deeper level. If I had to define my life’s mission, it would be to have an impactful presence. To be honest, I have struggled with the notion of whether a blog presence can lead to a deeper connection and to an impactful presence. I guess that I have to trust the process, trust that we will connect on some deeper unseen level by virtue of our intention and our energetic connection to the earth, to ourselves and to each other. Perhaps we do not have to be present with each other for that to happen; maybe it’s enough to be present to the message, the moment and to ourselves.

Thanks for wondering about me…


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  1. I enjoy reading your thoughts and wish you the very best as you refocus your life. I’m going through a reevaluation right now too and very much appreciate your insights. I’m hungry to generate meaning in my life, finding my life’s purpose, as well as to seek connection with others.

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