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IMG_1186Any moment (now) I was going to start this blog, for over a year. The “right” now never presented itself and I kept putting it off. I kept making excuses to myself and the (few) people I had told about my intention to start a blog. I realized that I could wait for the right moment, that may never come, or I could take a leap of faith and trust that my blog would come together as it should once I took the first tangible steps to set it up. So I found myself in the waning days of 2012, Christmas Day to be exact, still having not officially made my blog. And at the urging of my family, and with the technical help of my teenage daughter, I embarked on what would become this blog. And what a gift it was to myself!

Our lives are made up of countless little moments of choosing; choosing who we want to be, how we want to be, where we want to be, if we want to react (or not), if we need to take action or be still, if we should take a risk or choose safety, if we should lead or follow. Or we can not make a choice, and let someone else choose for us, or default back to the status quo through no choice, or let the choice make itself when only one option is left. Each moment’s choice sets the direction for our life, including our work, our relationships and our destiny. We can choose to move intentionally along our life’s journey and make a choice to do something differently, and start today, for the present moment is such a gift. And that is the beauty of any moment (now), as any moment of our choosing can reset and restart our life in the way we feel called to live it.

We can choose to open our eyes and hearts and see ourselves and others for who we truly are, and in that moment accept ourselves for who we are, without losing sight of where we’re going and who we hope to be. I believe that there are many others in this world, like myself, who are seeking a different way of being, relating and finding meaning. It would be my honor, and my inspiration for this blog to be a small part of this movement.


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  1. Heather3g,

    You’ve made a comfortable and open space here for your readers, and you set the tone and the feel of your space very well in your “about” pages. As a father to six (now adult) children, I empathize with your longings and your uncertainties. Exploration is essential as a poet and a writer, and you have made a great beginning here. I’m looking forward to reading more as you explore further.

    Regards…..John H.

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