why i write

IMG_0789I write out of love. Love for words, books, myself and other people. Love for the act of writing. Love of the unfolding of other people’s life stories. Love of reading.

I am writing this blog because I believe the world is hungry for change (now). Hungry for a different, more fulfilling way of interacting and of being. I too have this hunger, and have spent many years researching and trying out alternate ways of being in the world. I am thrilled to have an audience with which to share my ideas.

I hope that my readers will do what I have done. Try out many different techniques, styles and philosophies from many different sources. And then cherry pick the ones that work best in your life, creating your own new way of being in the world. Each of us making small changes in our own lives may create a sea of change that will impact the world at large. Be that agent of change in any way that you can. Share your light with others. Live authentically.


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