Digital dilemma

Digital malaise
I have lost my ability to be organized and efficient
Digital demise
I have lost myself
Digital divide
The divide between what matters in a life and what doesn’t

Dear iphone 6
You have been revised and replaced twice now
But not by me
Your next version is coming soon too
Some are rushing to more nothingness
As for me
I cherish the time when I go to bed and turn you off
Yes, I actually do that
Unlike many
I am not as enamored with you as they think I should be
For me you create more expectations
Greater overwhelm
More that I should be accomplishing
I dropped the ball
I dropped the ball
I dropped the ball
That’s what you constantly remind me
And notify me
And push to me
Stop all of your updates on everyone else
I can’t even keep up with myself anymore
I jest halfheartedly
Because really I can’t
Keep up that is
I’ve told audiences that overwhelm is self-created
I think I lied
I think I protected them from your truth
You created it
There I said it
You and Siri can hate me now forever
Take my intelligence and make it artificial
You can use it better than me anyway
When I don’t know which way to turn
Which plate to not let fall from my constant juggling act
Intelligence is superfluous
As it’s only constant uninformed action that matters


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